Cardiff Wedding Disco


Bose Evening Disco

Brand new for July 2021

The Bose evening disco has the very latest DJ Booth, lighting and sound systems with everything you need for a great party. Very neat and tidy, perfect for Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Corporate events.

The German lighting is much more subtle than old fashioned cheesy disco lights. On arrival the lighting is set to match your wedding colour theme, changing as the night progresses with superior programming and effects, plus it can wirelessly link up with the wall uplighting below to create a totally coordinated room colour match.

The Bose speakers provide exceptional sound. Each one has a subwoofer at it's base and six smaller speakers at the top all pointing in different directions, meaning everybody in the room hears every note to perfection.

Suitable for large or small venues.

Includes a 6pm arrival at the venue, setting up for 7pm playing through until 12am or 1am £299.00

Wedding Breakfast

Setting up earlier in the day before the arrival of the wedding party, I play a varied selection of inspiring background music during the wedding breakfast to suit all ages... Disney, Adele, Bublé, Accoustic, Bond, Celine, Movie themes like Game of Thrones, Modern Jazz, Sinatra etc...

There is also a special setting on the Bose audio system that provides rich quality background music but still allows everyone to talk and hear each other with ease.

A wireless/radio microphone is available for speeches if required. £99.00

Wedding Ceremony

Playing a selection of beautiful wedding inspired music for the half an hour prior to the ceremony as your guest are being seated, followed by your chosen music for the processional, signing the registry and recessional.

Just the portable Bose speakers are used for the wedding ceremony music. These are Bluetooth, mains/battery powered and can be positioned anywhere indoors or outdoors as shown below.

This option is for when you are having your whole wedding day in the same venue. £99.00

Wall Uplighting

Brand new for July 2021

The wall uplighting is available as an addition to the Bose disco above.

These can link up wirelessly with the new evening disco lights to make a fully coordinated room colour match and synchronized light show.

10 hour battery life! So can be placed anywhere in the room with no unsightly cables.

They can be set to a static colour, slow colour fade and dance to the beat of the music etc...

Placed around the room to light up dark corners, highlight architectural features or make coloured feature walls.

4 head pack £49.00 - 8 head pack £79.00

12 head pack £99.00