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About me.... starting out as a mobile DJ in Dorchester, I progressed onto large night clubs in Weymouth until moving to Cardiff to marry a Welsh bride. Since then I have worked in most of the popular wedding venues across South Wales over the last 20+ years.

Back up equipment is carried to all functions so the party can continue.

Bands. Below is a typical evening working with a band:

7.00pm - 8.00pm DJ warm up.

8.00pm - 9.00pm Band 1st set.

9.00pm - 9.30pm Evening buffet DJ.

9.30pm - 10.30pm Band 2nd set.

10.30pm - 12.00 or 1.00am DJ.

Booking is simple, a booking form and party planner will be posted to you, sign and return the booking form along with the £25 deposit by BACS (bank transfer) to secure the date, then return the completed party planner and remaining balance of payment anytime up to 1 week before the event.

Cancelation. I want you to be happy and confident with my services and as such you can cancel at any time.

Cold Sparks. I don't use or recommend using cold spark indoor firework fountains as they cover everything in soot, also as they blow this dust up into the air it can cause breathing difficulties for any guests suffering with asthma.  

Covid-19. I am up to date with all vaccines and adhere to current coronavirus guidance.

Deposits. The £25 deposit is fully refundable should you need to cancel.

Dress code is usually formal suit and tie for most venues.

E-mails. I prefer all communications by e-mail if possible, as it provides a clear and concise paper trail that protects both you and me against any future confusion. Planning the average wedding usually involves 20+ emails.

Green Credentials. The sound systems are digital and very power efficient, all the lighting features high powered LED's but use very small amounts of electricity, in fact the whole disco uses less than 10% of the power compared to discos from 10 years ago!

Music playlist are welcome, all your personal favourites, family and friends dedications etc... plus I am happy to take request on the night.

Party planner. The planner covers all the fine details, your music request, wall uplighting colour, event timings etc.... this ensures everything runs smoothly and professionally.

Prices. My prices are the same for weddings or private events as they both receive the same amount of time, care and preparation.

Photographs. Pictures of the event are only posted on my Facebook page with prior permission and agreement from the bride and groom. There is a yes or no tick box on the wedding party planner.

Public liability insurance, P.A.T test and risk assessment certificates are held and available on request, these can usually be emailed directly to your venue wedding coordinator.

Sound and lighting. Only professional grade sound and lighting equipment is used.

Spotify. Unfortunately Spotify lists are unworkable and hence a list either written on the planner or sent via email is the preferred format.

Travel Costs. There is not usually any travel costs, unless the event is very far away, then there maybe a small negotiable charge.

Things I don't do: Karaoke, open air outdoor events, private houses and village halls unless with prior arrangement and agreement.

Venue changes. If you are changing your venue from the one originally booked, please let me know asap, as it is at my discretion whether I perform at the new venue. 

Important. Please return the signed booking form and deposit as soon as possible as the day is not officially booked until I have received both, thank you.

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